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shindig n : a large and noisy party of people [syn: shindy]

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From sinteag.


  • a UK /ˈʃɪn.dɪg/ /"SIn.dIg/


  1. Noisy party or festivities.

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Shindig refers to any sort of clever party, covered dish gathering, box social, (archaic) a brawl. Also it can refer to a dance party with lots of music.
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Kaffeeklatsch, affair, assemblee, assembly, assignation, at home, bal, bal costume, bal masque, ball, barn dance, bash, blowout, brawl, caucus, cocktail party, coffee klatch, coil, colloquium, commission, committee, conclave, concourse, congregation, congress, conventicle, convention, convocation, costume party, council, country dance, dance, date, diet, dinner, dinner party, donation party, eisteddfod, entertainment, fancy-dress ball, festivity, fete, foofaraw, forgathering, forum, furore, gala, garden party, gathering, get-together, hen party, hop, house party, house-raising, housewarming, lawn party, levee, mask, masked ball, masque, masquerade, masquerade ball, masquerade party, meet, meeting, mixer, panel, party, plenum, prom, promenade, quorum, rally, reception, record hop, rendezvous, ruckus, rumpus, seance, session, shebang, shindy, shower, sit-in, sitting, smoker, soiree, square dance, stag, stag dance, stag party, surprise party, symposium, synod, tea dance, the dansant, to-do, turnout, uproar
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